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Rhinoplasty Procedures

Primary Rhinoplasty

The term Primary Rhinoplasty refers to those who have not had previous nose surgeries or trauma to the nose. Generally Primary Rhinoplasty is achieved through manipulation of existing nasal structures by resizing, reshaping or augmenting the primary structures…

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty is also referred to as Secondary Rhinoplasty. This surgery occurs after a previous Rhinoplasty. This surgery is dedicated to correcting problems that developed or continues since the last surgery. In some cases, the problems are minor and easy to correct…

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African American Rhinoplasty

Dr. Philip Solomon has been performing rhinoplasties in Toronto for over a decade at the Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery Centre in Old Thornhill. He is widely regarded as one of Canada’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, having performed well over …

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Asian Rhinoplasty

“Toronto is very multicultural, and as a result of its multicultural population and my practice specializing in rhinoplasty, I’ve treated people from all different walks of life, from all different ethnic backgrounds,” says Dr. Philip Solomon…

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Persian Rhinoplasty

The international flavor of Toronto is well represented in Dr. Philip Solomon’s patient roster at the Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery Centre just off Yonge Street in Old Thornhill…

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Male Rhinoplasty

A lot more males are seeking cosmetic surgery as a whole, and certainly more and more men are seeking out male rhinoplasty for a multitude of reasons,” says Dr. Philip Solomon. “Generally speaking, patients are looking for aesthetic enhancement of the nose…

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Transgender Rhinoplasty

When you have made the decision to pursue transgender surgery, your facial appearance is an important part of your transition. Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, is one of the most important procedures to consider because the nose such a prominent facial feature.

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Advanced Computer Imaging

To help patients visualize their possible surgical outcomes Dr. Solomon offers advanced computer imaging during consultations. Dr Solomon uses Canfield Imaging software which is especially helpful for patients considering rhinoplasty surgery…

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Injection Rhinoplasty

Dr. Philip Solomon, MD, FRCSC treats patients from across Canada who are interested in injection rhinoplasty, a non-surgical approach to transform the shape of the nose.

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