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Rhinoplasty Pre-Operation

Rhinoplasty Pre-Operation

For individuals that have always been dissatisfied with their nose, who may find it too large, too long, too wide, too projected, too flat, too crooked or just don’t like it, they seek out Rhinoplasty to improve their overall appearance. As the nose is the center of the face, modification to its shape can more than any other cosmetic procedure change ones appearance.

Some patients seek out dramatic modification while others look for subtle improvement to enhance their looks. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgery can make your nose fit more harmoniously with the rest of the face. Dr. Solomon’s practice specializing in cosmetic Rhinoplasty has helped many improve their nasal and overall facial beauty. Nasal surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeons. It is also the most complex operation done in facial surgery. Each nose is different and requires a surgeon’s judgment, experience and surgical excellence to achieve good, lasting and consistent results.

Pre Operation Of Rhinoplasty

Careful and extensive pre-operative discussions and planning will take place before your surgery. Dr. Solomon will evaluate your nose in relation to your other facial features. He will evaluate your facial and nasal skin thickness and quality and tell you how this may impact your surgical result. Your internal nasal anatomy will be assessed and the role for functional nasal surgery, if required at the same time, will be discussed. In certain cases, nasal physiology testing to measure your degree of nasal obstruction or to evaluate your sinuses may be required. If you suffer from a deviated septum or sinus problems, these can be improved at the same time as nasal cosmetic surgery.

If there is a role for other cosmetic procedures at the same time as Rhinoplasty such as a chin augmentation, Dr. Solomon will make his recommendations as to what is available to create the best overall aesthetic result. Dr. Solomon will use advanced computer imaging to review your case prior to any surgical procedure. This computer technology helps in preoperative planning and ensures that Dr. Solomon and each patient share a common goal for the surgery.

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