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Head & Neck Surgery, 8th floor Clinic.
Tel: 905-764-7799

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There is a small fee for your initial consultation. Computer imaging can also be performed at the time of consultation for an additional fee. If you choose to pursue surgery with Dr Solomon the fees for consultation and computer imaging will be applied to the cost of the surgery.

We receive a large volume of email. As a result, we are unable to answer questions of a general nature about facial cosmetic surgery. We are also unable to offer medical assessment or comment upon your medical

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Consultations are held all day on Mondays ( 8:00 - 5:00 p.m.), Tuesday mornings and Thursday morning Consultations are sometimes also held on Wednesday afternoons. We can also accommodate Friday and Saturday consultation appointments. Please enter your consultation date request in the last field marked, "Comments."

If you prefer, you can make an appointment by calling our office at: 905-764-7799.

Rhinoplasty Fees Rhinoplasty Surgery Centre Toronto Canada

Certain Rhinoplasty procedures may have a component covered by OHIP. If your Rhinoplasty procedure is partially covered by OHIP this will be taken into consideration when determining your fees.

Add HST to all fees
Prices in Canadian Dollars



Consultation is $100

(Consultation is $100 which goes towards surgical fees)

Computer Imaging is included in surgery fees If a patient wants computer imaging before they decide on surgery the fee is $200 which will be applied to surgery fees.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty with any Ohip-Reconstructive component $5600

Purely cosmetic rhinoplasty $6500

Revision Rhinoplasty fees start at $6500

Isolated nostril narrowing $2500

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty. An application for full OHIP coverage can be considered in specific cases. This category typically is for nasal injuries or breathing problems not cosmetic surgery.


$2500 for one treatment. Additional treatments if needed $800. Maintenace treatments of photofacial not included